Lip Up Fatty

Capdown are like a breath of fresh air, they've smashed the hold of US ska bands and showed just how it should be done. What makes them such a good band is that they take the best parts of 80's hardcore British punk and blend it with the best stylings of British ska, the key word here being British! It just gives them a different and rather unique sound.

Anybody here today who was previously unaware of Capdown cannot fail to have been blown away by this performance. They get the biggest crowd and the biggest reaction of the day by far (and that includes headliners Bad Religion!) and boy do they deserve it. There's is a set so full of energy from every angle, they jump, whirl and career across the stage from start to finish. Not only is it energetic it's also fun, the band smile and laugh along with the crowd throughout.

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As for the songs, well today they are mighty indeed, we get 'Ska Wars' twice due to the first attempt having to be stopped whilst some muppet climbs down from the supporting pillar (the previous encumbant having jumped!). 'Bitches and Nike Shoes' goes down a storm and the finale 'Cousin Cleotis' has most of the tent dancing and bouncing, a truly triumphant performance.

Great band, great crowd, certainly one of the highlights of the weekend and with a new album in the pipeline they can only get bigger. Out on tour with 'A' in October.

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