Tick Tick Boom!

No one's going to get a bad crowd today, there's big crowds and there's not quite so big crowds! The Explosion get the latter although it gets bigger during their set and deservedly so.

Opening with recent single 'No Revolution' they are at once impressive, very much in the Rancid/Dropkick Murphys vein. The sound is very good but looking around it doesn't seem that many of the crowd are familiar with the band. They have a job to do then and set about their task with gusto, the songs are fast, tuneful and catchy with ample opportunity for crowd participation.

'I Know' continues the theme of anthemic choruses but whilst the songs are good, it's a rather subdued performance from the band when they should have taken the opportunity to put on a crowd winning display. The material shines through however and it's an enjoyable set that goes down pretty well.

On the few occasions when the band really do go for it, it makes such a difference and they rewarded with some crowd surfing, always a good measure of how well a band is doing! Finishing with a wild version of 'Here I Am' it's been an impressive set that will surely have some of the previously uninitiated checking out their albums.