Ready Steady Go!

No Comply kick things off on the Lock Up stage (newly converted from the Dance Stage) in fine style. This is good old hardcore punk with the added bonus of saxophone and trombone, the band look excited to be here and give it 100% to a welcoming crowd. The sound is generally good but the vocals are a touch on the quiet side.

The brass section fits in very well, not used in a ska style as One might expect but more along the lines of Snuff. Singer Kelly Kemp is clearly having fun, it's infectious and gets the crowd clapping along as early as the second song. No mean feat for a midday slot.

When not tromboning (is that a word?!) Oz Holden helps out on vocals and the dual effect works very well. The songs are fast and heavy but littered with great choruses and brass sections. No Comply are a great band to watch, they are full of energy and at sporadic intervals the whole band just goes nuts! Highly entertaining stuff. Kemp's strong vocals come through on songs like 'Price of You' and new song 'MC' (?) shows no signs of letting up both in terms of pace or quality.

The last song 'Close to Hell and Burning' rounds things off in fine style. On any other day No Comply would have deserved a far higher billing but they can rest easy knowing that they couldn't have done much more to impress in 25 minutes! A great start to the day.