Gods of Metal

When the rumours that Iron Maiden would reform this summer broke, every metal fan in the country started counting down the days until the Carling Weekend. Despite the fact that Iron Maiden have spent their lives defining metal for generations and that this is their first appearance at a Leeds Festival event, there seem to be surprisingly few people here - with the back half of the crowd thinner than Frank Black's hair.

As Maiden walk out to the rapturous uproar of 30,000 fans cheering, they launch into almost two hours of classic song followed by anthem followed by generation defining song.

For the majority of the crowd at Leeds Festival, Iron Maiden last played most of this set before the crowd was even born. With two hours of songs from only their first four albums, this is a truly classic set with material not heard in years.

With song like 'Iron Maiden', 'Phantom of the Opera', 'The Number of the Beast', 'Run to the Hills' and 'Where Eagles Dare', there's no question in anyone's mind that Iron Maiden are one of a handful of legendary bands of our time. As solo followed by solo ring out out flawlessly, you can feel the talent almost oozing from the Main Stage.

Performers and musicians of the calibre of Iron Maiden don't come along very often, but when they do, they leave an impression that last for decades. It may be another generation until Iron Maiden play Leeds again, but it's a set that will live on in people's minds until the time comes again.