Not a Corpse In Sight

There is so much hype about Marilyn Manson. The mainstream media portray him as an evil, Satan-worshipping fruit-loop. In America communities have even tried to band him from playing in their towns. If this is the case then why is it that the self-proclaimed "God of Fuck" wanders out on stage, after a drawn out five minute introduction, offering little more than any other Main Stage band.

As the band launch in to their hit laden set with, 'Disposable Teens', 'Mobscene', 'Tainted Love' and 'Fight Song' in the first half hour alone, it becomes slowly clear that Marilyn Manson is certainly something different - but not what the media normally portray.

Considering the fact that Marilyn Manson are the second headline band, only underneath the legendary Iron Maiden, they fail to draw much of a crowd. Maybe Marilyn Manson are just better suited to the dark, emotive atmosphere that only night can bring - but that doesn't discount the quality of material that they put out for their whole set.

With two giant floor-mounted lights shining on to Manson's pasty skin and "Pogo" hammering a swing-mounted keyboard, there is something special about this band that truly comes across through the music. The songs actually mean something and every single track seems to pull on Manson's own heart strings as he lets his vocals ring over Bramham Park.

There are no rotting corpses, no devil worship and nothing even worthy of a 12A age rating, but there is one thing: a perfectly polished band that do their fans proud - every physical and emotional scar that was penned by Manson years before still come across effortlessly.

Whilst Marilyn Manson are something special - they might not be quite what you're expecting.