One for the Fans

Incubus are a band that, despite comprising of a selection of eclectic influences, have had great mainstream and alternative success. After more albums than you can shake a stick had and a score of hits, it's time that they took to the Main Stage of Leeds 2005.

As the night starts to draw in, thousands of fans push towards the Main Stage to see a band that are renown for their mix of all genres from metal to prog-rock. They play through a set that contained, 'Nice to Know You', 'Wish You Were Here', 'Priceless' and more - meaning that it doesn't matter how much of a fan you are, there will be something for you.

With a sense that the band all work together as one, something truly special is produced for fans of the band - a flawless set packed with hit after hit. The problem comes with those of the crowd that aren't fans. After the singles have been played the band just lack something that pulls in the attention of new people.

For any Incubus fan, tonight's Leeds Festival performance will remain in their minds as a night when Incubus provided everything for them - but to the rest of the crowd they just didn't cut it. If you take Incubus and put them in an arena the results would be far, far better.