The Band that Defined Generations

A lot of the younger generation immediately dismiss Iggy Pop, the music that they produced for a generation and the fact that they shaped the roots of modern rock - just because they've not been at the forefront of the music industry recently. That, for anyone else thinking the same, is a mistake to make.

If you take away the music, Iggy, much like Ozzy Osbourne, simply looks like an older man prancing around stage with his jeans falling over his middle aged hips. That's not a pretty sight. It's certainly a different look to the memory of the fresh, youthful faces that NoFX just possessed for the preceding set. Iggy and the Stooges are more than they look though - they are people that helped to define the music industry as it is now and they're one of the few founding bands of modern day rock 'n' roll.

As Iggy throws himself around stage like a lunatic, jumping from amp stacks and tearing himself limb from limb there is no doubt in how fantastic Iggy actually is. The music that defined the 70s pulls huge crowds and Iggy uses this to try and re-create the stage invasion that worked so well at Download 2004.

Despite the fact that security are having none of it, Iggy & the Stooges end another triumphant set and prove to anyone in doubt that they've still got every bit as much energy as they did thirty years ago.