Don't call me shite

The last time I saw NOFX was 13 years ago and, on today's evidence nothing has changed that much. Except that back in 1992, they were playing a pokey little room upstairs at the now defunct Wheatsheaf in Stoke, today they play the main stage at Leeds festival!

What's so refreshing about NOFX is that even up here on the big stage they retain exactly the same approach they always have, they are thoroughly relaxed throughout, with none of the posturing and posing usually associated with 'rock' stars. The between song banter is amusing but, aware that they only have a short time to play, you sometimes wish they'd shut up and get on with it! When they do put their minds to it NOFX prove just why they've been around for over 20 years with songs taken from throughout their career, from the recent 'Franco Un-American' to a fantastic version of 'Don't Call Me White'.

The crowd at the front go nuts and despite Fat Mike's protestations that he's not well and that he's only going to give about 30% today, it's a performance full of energy, particularly as they rip through five songs without break midway through. Following the obligatory 'You Fat Bastard!' chant El Heffe takes over vocals and slows it down for a reggae number which sees the crowd bouncing along in time.

Humour aside NOFX have some great tunes and they demonstrate this well with songs such as 'No Fun In Fundamentalism', 'Stickin' In My Eye' and 'Idiot Son of an Asshole', which receives by far the biggest crowd response. Although the onset of rain sees a few running for cover, the crowd reaction further back is appreciative if somewhat reserved, but then NOFX are never going to be mainstream. They do however manage to get everyone smiling - long may they continue.