That sinking feeling

Hmm there's definitely a theme going on here, bass player Hamilton has a fetching hat/wreath made out of a tree, all the amps are covered in bits of trees and 'lo and behold, there are a couple of branches being wafted out in the audience!

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British Sea Power play mid-paced indie that unfortunately is neither exciting or particularly interesting. Certainly they are a good band in terms of their ability and tightness, but the songs lack both energy and catchiness. Take the branches out of the equation and they put on a rather dull spectacle. There is a hardcore collection of fans at the front that really get into it and give each song a rousing reception, elsewhere in the tent it is rather muted suggesting that they're not winning many over.

The songs aren't brash enough for the rock crowd and aren't intimate or laid back enough at the other end of the spectrum. Whilst there are one or two tracks that promise a little more, it's not enough and ultimately they fail to impress.

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