Maximum Effect

Maximo Park have pulled such a big crowd that the tent is spilling out at the sides, cynics might argue that many are sheltering from the worsening weather but judging from the crowd reaction this is not the case.

Maximo Park play melodious, upbeat indie rock that fortunately veers well clear of the cheesy end of the market. Their songs are littered with hooks and simple but effective verses and are delivered in good style in a performance full of verve and vigour. Much of the crowd sing a long with vocalist Paul as he bounces and leaps around (in a rather fetching red sweater!). The rest of the band join in the fun including Lukas on keyboards, this all makes for entertaining viewing and coupled with excellent sound makes Maximo Park a very good live band.

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As they fly through their set even the peripheries of the tent are dancing, despite the fact that half the crowd can't even see the band; it seems that the Maximo Park can do no wrong today. They inject a good variety into their set, faster numbers sit well alongside more mid tempo songs. During the faster songs the stewards at the front are kept very busy with a multitude of crowd surfers.

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Highlights of the set perhaps are top 30 single 'Apply Some Pressure' and the final song of the set 'Going Missing', capping what has been a triumphant performance for Maximo Park.

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