Solid Construction

Overlapping stage times again conspire, meaning that I miss the start of their set and it's surprising that Engineers play to a sparse crowd by the day's standards, but there are still a couple of hundred in attendance and they are rewarded for their effort.

Engineers have a full anthemic sound and they exude an air of confidence that makes an instant impression. The songs are well crafted and they're not afraid to string them out - there seems to be no hurry to get to the verse!

The light show complements the band well and although they don't move about much they are still strangely compelling to watch. The music just seems to draw you in, these guys are working on a higher level and they want to take you up there. Their appeal is hard to define, you couldn't say their songs are particularly catchy, it's more about the overall effect; and the overall effect is both engaging and impressive. Musically dark in places but uplifting in others, a bit like a musical piece of ecstacy!

They finish with a drone and throw a few t-shirts out into the crowd (always a good move.) They can reflect on a job well done, and they've no doubt won some new fans.