Roll up, roll up!

A healthy but not packed crowd in the dance tent for Blackalicious, who feature decks, keyboards, backing singers and vocalist Gift of Gab (Tim Parker). They have quite a name in the dance/hip hop scene and have collaborated with artists such as Zache De La Rocha of Rage Against The Machine.

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They start impressively with deep thumping rhythms, a nice melody undercuts the rapping vocals and the addition of female backing vocals give a nice variety. It's unfortunate that they are on mid afternoon as you can't help feeling that their overall effect would be amplified by darkness and a more intoxicated crowd. They do a pretty good job though of keeping it tight and letting the set flow along nicely.

As the tent fills up during the set they start to get rather familiar after a while and when the singer asks the crowd for a scream (fairground style!) I start to lose interest. From here on in they totally overdo the crowd participation and it does detract from the music. They redeem themselves briefly with a little freestyling, which gets a huge reaction. The crowd however do participate and plenty of them dance along enthusiastically. Good at what they do but perhaps an acquired taste.

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