You are getting old when the new bands are this young and cool

With media interest growing in this young Nashville act, their set was highly anticipated by the keen crowd who had gathered to see them.

The youthful enthusiasm and vigour displayed from the first song was exhilarating. At times, it seemed that the passion and volume was making up for a lack of clarity but there was always a good core song underneath the bluster of the band.

Be Your Own Pet are visually striking from the large afro'ed bass player through to the classic blonde singer. Never standing still for a second, Jemima Pearl put in a rock and roll performance to shame many more experienced singers.

Reminiscent of the early shows by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the devotion to squalor and energy also brought to mind Sonic Youth.

Debut UK single 'Damn Damn Leash' went down a storm, as did many of the expletive filled songs. That's not to say the band rely on swearing for shock value but they certainly aren't a band who are shy of using a complete vocabulary.

Perhaps this is a band that are suited to the naivety of youth and not having to care about much. Time will tell if Be Your Own Pet will have a long career but it is well worth catching them in their ascendancy now.