A Cilla moment

I must admit that despite one band member's obvious fame, I'm surprised that Fightstar are playing the biggest of the Academy venues considering they have only just released the first album, they only manage to fill two thirds of it but fair play. I approach Fightstar with an open mind, I haven't been overly impressed with the recorded music I've heard but it's here in the rawness of the live environment that they will prove themselves worthy or fail dismally!

As the lights drop the crowd give the band a massive reception and after a brief intro they launch into the opening track and the first thing that hits you is how big a sound they have. The mix is excellent, it's damn loud and they set their stall out straight away with some huge riffs. Recent single 'Waste A Moment' gets the crowd going, as does some frantic leaping across the stage from the whole band, Simpson's vocals sound pretty much spot on, despite being diagnosed with laryngitis earlier in the day. It's been an impressive opening and when they produce some polished guitar work in 'Build An Army' it pretty much seals the deal and is a contender for best song of the night.

There's no denying that Fightstar are the real deal and tonight they are clearly enjoying themselves, grinning to each other throughout they feed off the energy of the crowd and give it back to them with interest. They continue with 'Sleep Well Tonight' and 'Here Again' from the new album and seldom let up the pace. There are a couple of slower songs and although it serves as a welcome break for those at the front, they are the weaker moments in the set. After 45 minutes I'm starting to think the songs are in danger of sounding a little too familiar but just as I do they pull something extra out of the bag. I still think they lack the really killer song but I was fully expecting Reuben to steal the show tonight and it's Fightstar that have come out on top. Good work gentlemen.