It seems Chelmsford got lucky

I love it when a corporate plan comes together, in fact corporate co-incidences are just as fun. Channel 4 sponsors the second stage At V, and Ordinary Boys are a band whose career was given a much needed kick in the knackers by Preston's appearance on Big Brother earlier this year. It was even rumoured in the music press that the band was at risk of being dropped from their record label beforehand.

Finally it looks like we'll get some new stuff from Preston and co and we got a taster of what this might sound like, in truth nothing you wouldn't really expect. However this was very much a set about the band's big hits to date.

'9 to 5' was an early favourite, with the band treating the crowd to a steady stream of catchy classics to be danced too, meaning this was a set to be enjoyed by fans old and new. 'Week In Week Out', 'Seaside' and the re-released anthem 'Boys Will Be Boys' all featured.

Preston was on fine form, bantering with the crowd throughout the set, at one point looking longingly at the baked potato and doughnut stands at the back of the arena.

Whilst the band's singer was flying, it seems bassist James Gregory was not feeling so good. He was rushed to hospital on Sunday, and it was discovered he was suffering from quinsy, a condition that causes an abscess in the throat which, if not treated, could have seriously effected his breathing. The band had to pull their Staffordshire show, a shame as they were one of Saturday's highlights at Chelmsford.