Giving the masses what they want

The Feeling are all about making Indie music with a guilty pleasures pop edge, think Supertramp, Foreigner and so on.

The warm weather was perfect for their style of music, and the massive crowd they drew to the Channel 4 Stage on Sunday lapped up every moment of it. Album tracks such as 'I Want You Now' and new track 'Join With Us' went down well, but this was all about the singles.

First up came next release 'Never Be Lonely', it's laid back air gives it the feel of a track you'd drive down the coast to.

In the middle of the set was 'Fill My Little World', a song that has successfully broken into the market Keane were hogging for themselves, and has subsequently dominated UK Radio for months. The commercial nature of that track meant it was a big favourite, but arguably the biggest sing-along came near the end of the set for 'Sown'.

V was the perfect place for the Feeling, simple, catchy music that many will call bland fits in well here. Love them or hate them though, you can't argue with a positive reaction from a crowd that size. There were a hell of a lot of happy punters in Chelmsford on Sunday afternoon.