Suicide Hotline?

Stockholm based Last Days of April have been around for eight years, so you'd think that in that time they'd have learnt how to put on a good live show? Apparrently not. With the whole of the big Academy stage to perform on they successfully use none of it, happy for the most part to stand perfectly still. In front of a decent sized crowd they do absolutely nothing to try and win some new fans with what is quite simply the dullest performance of the year thus far!

Unfortunately there aren't even any redeeming features about the music either, the majority of songs are mid paced and unexciting, very lightweight and without a decent guitar lick or triumphant chorus in sight. Normally in a poor performance you can pick out some highlights but tonight there are none, even the musicianship is nothing to write home about and whilst they attempt to salvage things with the last song by building to something of a crescendo, it's all too little too late. To their credit they get a decent reception from the crowd but for many it seems that it's been a half hour set that was just about half an hour too long. Dull in extremis.