A Mixed Set

The six twenty-somethings from Reading come bearing a sound that, again, reaffirms faith in the modern British music scene. This set appears to be the first of the day where the people responsible for mixing do a good job and an impressive sound comes appears.

Around the whole arena people who were just sleeping or eating suddenly start to pay attention to the unique sound that is thrown at them, with mixtures of melodies, synths and vocals that leaves it hard to classify exactly what kind of music you are listening to. This certainly peaks people's interest and demonstrates the range of influences from Radiohead to Oasis.

The first half of the set is powerful and full of energy, but the second half seems somewhat subdued and people start loosing interest again - but all in all everyone has been treated to their first good set of the day. Whether the weather has something to do the the crowds appathy or whether the Limp Bizkit fans that have started to arrive in their hordes have simply decided to conserve their energy for later in the night is unknown - but the whole of the set does give you the impression that this band has a following, deservedly. Hopefully more performances on this par lay ahead for the rest of this dull Sunday evening.