Following Up Behind Tool

Chino Moreno & co certainly know how to create an awe-inspiring atmosphere. Despite the wind playing havoc with the Main Stage's sound, the band put on a brilliant show that covers all the favourite songs and even includes a guest appearance from Mr Max Cavelera of Soulfly.

The crowd sprawls over the arena in anticipation of Deftones as much as of Tool. People with Deftones T-shirts have been seen everywhere on the site today and the excitement is almost tangible on the slops of the Main Stage. Playing a varied set including 'Hexagram', 'Head Up'- at which point Cavelera pitched in and helped on guitar duties- and 'Around The Fur', it's a set that is designed to please everyone. 'My Own Summer (Shove It)' and 'Change (In The House of Flies)' are particularly good, the eerie tones of 'Change' flooding the arena and being greeted with a loud collective voice of those gathered. Perhaps one of the best songs by Deftones, and far more powerful and moving live than on record. Some people have seen Deftones before, some have not, but everyone hears a song they wanted played and everyone seems satisfied with the set played. Deftones are a band with a variety of fans, but so many like Tool as well that Download could not have a better set of bands to fill the sultry summer evening.