Success for Trivium

Due to Korn's vocalist being hospital bound in the UK and other reasons, all main stage set times have been thrown out and Trivium finally appear half an hour after their original scheduled start time. As they walk out to a crowd eager for one of the most successful bands of the last twelve months, the crowd erupt in to a cheer as they launch in to their set.

As Trivium move along to 'Like Light to the Flies' it becomes clear just how Trivium have gone from nobodies to one of the world's most in demand metal bands in just a year. With thousands of people in front of them Trivium seem as at home as they did just a few months ago playing to crowds ten times smaller, yet they manage to keep their intensity. Under the band's command the crowd happily start circle pit after circle pit without a second thought despite the still scorching sun.

With most material from the band's first major release, 'Ascendancy' covered, Donington seems to lose all self-control as the band finish with their first major success single, 'Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr'. Trivium have no doubt earned the mass following that they've gained over the last twelve months through sets filled with raw passion, energy and classic metal. If today is anything to go by there's no stopping them any time soon.