Arch Enemy are in the Field

Starting ten minutes late, Arch Enemy walk out to a crowded main stage and immediately tear straight in to their set. Within seconds, the crowd erupts.

Considering the heat and how the average person suffering a hangover normally deals with thirty degree temperatures (passing out), it is an amazing sight to see. Within minutes, thousands of sweat soaked fans are charging around in giant circles pits ignoring the sun that's baking their skin. This surge of energy in the crowd is down to one thing alone Arch Enemy themselves.

With every song, every bellow and every passing minute Arch Enemy throw themselves fully into their music at all times. There is no break, there is no consideration of the heat, there is nothing apart from relentless metal searing your ears.

For any band to put so much raw energy into a set is a challenge, but for a band to do it in this heat is partial insanity and partial brilliance. Whether or not you're a fan of metal or Arch Enemy, you can do nothing but stare in awe at the show they put on.