Simple, Honest Music from the Heart

Bloodsimple are undeniably heavy, but there is a really bassy groove running through their music underneath their raging guitars. They sound slick and polished and you can detect a slight similarity to Spineshank in their earlier days. The vocals swing from a menacing growl to choruses that you can sing along to easily.

The crowd are energetic, forgetting the heat and pits emerge during 'Blood In Blood Out'. Depsite playing only thirty minutes on the main stage, Blood Simple pack in as much of their material as they can. The resulting set is dynamic and pleases both the fans and converts the unfamiliar. The band are passionate about the message their lyrics carry, apparently going over them with a "fine tooth comb". This attention to detail can be seen thoughout their live set today at Download. Bloodsimple's frontman, Tim Williams has admitted in interviews he loves to both sing and scream, so it's no wonder that his band embrace both ends of the musical spectrum and bring them together in music that is so fiercely emotional and personal. It's no wonder that Bloodsimple have the ability to move fans like they do.