Filthy Fans, but Great Music!

Cradle of Filth are renowned for their live shows. Their stage presence is impressive enough- they fill the stage and look comfortable doing so. Not only that, their props are second to none and Dani Filth sings like a man possessed. Today however, the band seem a little restrained. The crowd do as well and Dani Filth tries to motivate the crowd into moving a little more. The heat is scorching and so it is little wonder those down the front are not inclined to collapse from dehydration. First coaxing the crowd and then insulting, the devilish frontman eventually gives up and instead insults Axl Rose before launching into 'Nymphetamine'.

It goes down as well as ever and the emotion is clearer than ever. Cradle of Filth are true performers and today is no exception. The whole set is explosive and whilst there are not so many of the theatrical frills that make up their usual sets there is enough to keep those entertained who would not normally watch such a band.

The opera singer brought in to help out on vocals is a fantastic touch and 'Her Ghost In The Fog' shows off why this band are so special. You might be a tiny bit afraid of the band, but really they are just fantastic performers who are passionate about what they do and know how to keep their audience begging for more- even if they're too hot to jump around much!