Sweden's In Flames Command Donington

European metallers In Flames start their 35 minute set as they mean to continue – bursting through the PA and ringing across the whole of Donington. Unlike many of the metal bands that play Download, In Flames aren't afraid to use melodies in their music nor are they afraid to actually slow their songs down in places that need it and overall this produces a refreshingly different sound compared to the other bands that are playing this year's Download Festival.

Under the control of vocalist Anders Fridén, the crowd at the Main Stage is vast in number and whilst you won't see thousands of pits opening up every two seconds that isn't what In Flames are solely about. For the crowd here for In Flames the atmosphere is almost palpable as the set progresses and each song culminates in huge cheers.

In Flames finish their set and within minutes the main stage is once again empty. If Download starts to see more bands like In Flames appearing then the future of Euro-metal will have a large home in the UK at last.