Power Metal With Force

It's a little confusing having both Dragonforce and Dragonland working within the same genre. Dragonforce are the UK's band, but their music is somewhat outlandish and fits effortlessly into the European power metal scene.

If you like fast paced metal with an adventurous streak, Dragonforce will satisfy. Their music is playful despite being slightly long winded but it continuously changes to ensure that the listener is never bored for long and is constantly being transported to new and exciting ideas and lands.

ZP Theart's vocals are powerful and soar easily over the Main Stage. Already the pathway to the Snickers Stage is congested where people are stopping to admire this UK band that are on the rise. The crowd continues to grow and as the band announce 'Valley of The Damned' an almighty cheer goes up for one of their best songs. Those down the front throw themselves wholeheartedly into the song whilst people standing on the banks modestly tap their feet in time.

Technically, the power metal genre holds some of the most talented modern artists and Dragonforce area prime example of so many of the good points of this ever growing, always exciting genre.