Prog-Rock Masters Come to Download

Fresh from a day of rest after their London pre-Download warm-up, Clutch open their set to a half-depleted crowd at the Snickers Stage. As they progress through a mix of their vast back catalogue it becomes obvious that your average Clutch fan is older and more reserved than that of most Download crowds but this doesn't stop the faithful throwing themselves around as if they were all at their first ever gig again.

With a mix of experimental prog and classic rock, Clutch are one of a few bands that will play this year's event and do anything remotely different. With the likes of Tool and Coheed & Cambria also appearing today there could have been no other place for Clutch to play than between the two.

As their set draws to a close with an ear-searing round of applause the Snickers Stage becomes completely empty once again leaving just a few people to see the significantly different InMe who are due to appear next.

Clutch are masters of what they do with a loyal and dedicated fan base but the atmosphere that they are capable of generating just seemed to be lacking today, for whatever reason.