A Band of Contradictions

Despite having a name that, for some unknown reason, inspires thoughts of crying emos and Myspace in my mind, Aiden are actually an excellent group of Brit metallers that have been overlooked by many of the crowd who are currently unconscious or watching the World Cup.

Unlike other up and coming metallers such as Trivium, who have also seen a rise to fame in the last year, Aiden have gone down the more emo-goth-metal route which, rather than focusing on "classic metal" means the overall sound they produce is a lot less generic.

With a bottle fight started by the band, waves of crowd surfers during 'Die A Romantic' and vocals that alternate between a raw growl and a piercing high Aiden are a band full of contradictions that work perfectly together. This is equally reflected in song titles as 'Set My Friends On Fire' follows 'Die A Romantic'.

There is no doubt that Aiden are one of the freshest bands to play Download in 2006. If you are looking for a band capable of truly crossing genres without sounding truly awful then I give you Aiden.