Devildriver... Again

Filling in for Soilwork who were unable to make Download, Devildriver play their second set in just two days on, again, the Snickers Stage. With their raw sound, deep bass and growling vocals, Soilwork and Devildriver fans alike cheer as the band move through their second set of the weekend.

Over the course of the weekend Donington has seen hundreds of bands and there's never an hour during the day where there is nobody to see, however with all these bands playing in such a short space of time it takes someone or something truly special for a band to prove their worth on the line-up. After the Saturday set Devildriver have clearly decided that they still have something to prove and declare that they are the masters of the circle pit. Whilst it may not be the largest ever seen, it comes close. The pit that opens up on vocalist Dez Fafara's command spans half of the Snickers Stage and encompasses most of the crowd running around frantically.

As fans stumble out of the crowd, one with a new found sense of limited mobility, there is no doubt to everyone here that they've all been part of something that they'll remember for years to come.