Driving Circle Pits With Hardcore

Devildriver's music is loud, proud and above all, commanded by the kind of energy that is so rarely seen nowadays. This is a band that are truly driven by their passion for what they do and it shows clearly throughout their whole set and the packed out Snickers Stage.

Their music induces huge pits in a flash and appreciative headbanging from those too tired and dehydrated to fully join in. They sport supreme growling vocals that dominate over towering guitars and driving bass work. Their drummer looks as though he is about to pass out and it is no wonder with the heat rising from the crowd gathered in front of the stage.

As the spit flies and the crowd clap along, the meaty power of Devildriver doubles in strength. Any band who can pack out the Snickers Stage whilst competing with both football and Arch Enemy is worthy of praise and Devildriver more so for the control they execute over both their music and the adoring crowd is impressive.