An Average Compilation

One of the first bands to ever be reviewed by Room Thirteen was My Awesome Compilation, who came out with one of the worst reviews we've given anybody to date. A few years on and somewhere significantly bigger than Birmingham Academy 3, the band are now playing Download's Myspace/Gibson stage but how have they changed?

There is no doubt from the offset that since I last saw them, My Awesome Compilation have come a long way. They've gained a confidence that they once lacked and above all else that is the most significant change being able to command a festival stage is a big step for a band that previously couldn't even master venues with twenty people. As the set continues every fan seems to be clapping and cheering with every emo-fuelled minute a good sign for the band.

With each song finishing to almost rapturous applause, My Awesome Compilation have come a long way. Musically they are becoming a very tight band who are able to play together - another major problem in the past but despite all this there is something about the effect-laden emo four piece that remains distinctly average; in a sea of similar bands they are lacking anything spectacular to differentiate themselves from the competition. For now, at least.

My Awesome Compilation are worth checking out if you're a fan of emo and they have come a long way but there is still a long way to go until they've properly cracked it.