Back to the Casting Couch

The Audition play to a pretty packed tent, which makes for a limited view thanks to some well placed pillars. Back in the UK touring with Aiden in the Autumn would suggest that they are on the right path to bigger and better things but alas there's little on display today that warrants further investigation.

The songs are mid paced but fairly energetic but it's the whiny emo vocals that overshadow the rest of the band. Musically they are straight from the emo factory, the songs are average and lack innovation giving the whole performance a total lack of originality. To their credit though they give an energetic performance that makes them good to watch but they have nothing special to offer in terms of material and whilst they receive a healthy reaction it's by no means wild.

Vocalist Danny Stephens plays to the crowd, making sure they know how much appreciates them, it's all very friendly but there's just no edge to them and by the time they come to the last song 'You've Made Us Conscious' the verdict is already in. In such a saturated market The Audition really need to up their game and come up with something special to give them added appeal.