Loose cannons find their range

In direct competition with Metallica means that the Myspace/ Gibson tent isn't as full as it should be but those that are here are more than ready for Killing Joke's aural assault. The expectation is heightened further by the band being fifteen minutes behind schedule and then insisting on playing a five minute intro tape followed by a two minute drum intro!

Finally they start with 'Communion' and Jaz Coleman practically bounds onto the stage grinning from ear to ear as he bows to the crowd. As you'd expect Killing Joke create the customary wall of sound that is the backing to Coleman's gritty vocals and maniacal dancing. There aren't many bands this weekend that can boast a front man with the charisma of Coleman and he is a compelling figure throughout.

'Wardance' follows and is a superb rendition that retains all the tribal angst that it had first time around. The sound is good and Geordie's guitar parts are much clearer than they were on their recent UK tour. Killing Joke are on fine form tonight and really demonstrate the powerhouse that they are. The short set means that there is no time for the longer songs that on occasion can make the band seem a little self indulgent. Instead we are treated to tracks such as 'Psyche' and 'The Wait' and the assembled faithful give back as much energy as the band emit.

'Pandemonium' rounds off the set that whilst shorter than normal is no less impressive and for 'the gathering' it's a case of Metalliwho?