Better than a kick in the mouth

Reuben get a decent crowd considering they clash with Metallica on the main stage and there's a definite hardcore of Reuben fans at the front who give them an excellent reception.

From the opening song ('Let's Stop Hanging Out') they turn in a highly energetic performance but unfortunately the lack of volume detracts from their overall impression, with all the elements in place they can be quite outstanding live but to some first timers today I expect the impact is lessened. That said the majority of the crowd get totally into it and the version of 'Blamethrower' is fantastic, complete with an amusing anecdote about James Hetfield at the beginning from Jamie.

You just have to love Reuben, they have some outstanding material and they always give 100% live, the prime example being the fast and furious 'Alpha Signal 3'. They finish with a new song ('Cities On Fire') and whilst it's good to hear new material again it's not yet the classic that it would have been good to finish with. I'm still bemused as to why they don't include the phenomenal 'Lights Out' in the shorter sets, if ever there was a crowd pleaser then surely that would be it? Still, Reuben have come up trumps yet again today and those that didn't know them before will surely remember them after this performance. Roll on a headlining UK tour!