Menacing? You Don't Know The Half Of It

This Is Menace, an oddity of various artists begin their set with a snippet from Fight Club. It's a warning, because the music they create is brutal. On their album, 'No End In Sight' several artists contributed- Mark Clayden, Jason Bowld, Colin Doran, Casey Chaos, Karl Middleton and Andy Cairns to name but a few. The result is a brutal mixture of blood and guts and the kind of feeling you get when the harness goes down on you whilst on a scary ride you're still not sure you want to go on.

The Gibson/Myspace stage becomes a tangle of brutal drumming and vicious howls that set the crowd into a crazed state. More people pack in upon hearing the band. You can't help but nod your head in time to their hypnotic, heavy but strangely catchy music. This Is Menace most certainly live up to their name and the skill needed to create this snarl of metal is immense. It's easily traceable when you look at the people making up the band- all members of bands that are well respected and liked in the rock and metal circuit.

The set offers fiery emotion fused with metal, resulting in every wail and every drum beat attempting to tear out your heart. Every song garners a cheer and even the people passed out at the back of the tent perk up at the sound of such strong, vivid metal being played.