Spread Your Wings

Originally called Passerby, Texas based Flyleaf pull in a pretty healthy crowd despite the fact that they are clashing with the second half of England's opening World Cup game. When they take the stage it's pretty explosive with the whole band leaping around, it's an impressive opening that is only tempered by Lacey Mosley's vocals being way too quiet early on.

Musically they offer something a little different to the majority of bands so far today, they are melodic but with a dark edge and Mosley's quietly haunting verses often explode into anthemic choruses. It's fairly impressive and when combined with the stage performance it, which with the whole band constantly whirling across the stage is nothing less than entertaining, makes for good effect. Strangely Mosley is the most inanimate member of the band although even she rarely stands still!

There's a touch of Queen Adreena about them but for me at least Flyleaf have the better tunes, they also successfully blend power and energy with more intricate interludes. It really is a shame that the vocals are so quiet (louder choruses aside) but it doesn't detract from the overall impression too much and the majority of the crowd seem to be getting into it.

'I'm So Sick' is the definite highlight with an excellent riff and a great vocal line, other songs such as 'So I thought' show an exposed fragility to the band but it comes across as honest and heartfelt and you can't help but find it endearing. Due to clashing set times I have to leave early but Flyleaf have done enough to impress and would appear to have just the right amount of variety in their style to achieve wider success.