It's A Family Affair

Reading based Exit Ten draw a big crowd for such an early slot that sugegsts their reputation as one of the best up and coming bands on the metal scene is justified. With a new CD out on the following Monday the timing couldn't be better for this performance on the Gibson / Myspace stage.

The music is fast and hard and firmly in the metal camp, the vocals are clean (which is refreshing) and the guitars are crunching but due to mixed sound the more intricate parts are often lost in the mix. Exit Ten make an impression though, there's something appealing about them, perhaps it's the dynamics of the songs that move between slower and more intricate melodies to out and out shredding. They put on a decent enough performance with good energy behind it but Exit Ten are one of those bands where the music is more important than the performance.

The short set is just right to showcase their talents and they go down extremely well and if they've managed to capture the energy of their live performance on CD then you could well be hearing a lot more from Exit Ten.