Average Emo Music

Moneen are typical of Emo music today. Screaming vocals, the occasional anguished wail... it's American pop-punk all grown up into a teenager complete with angst and the desire to die.

For what they do though, they do it well and the crowd enjoys the set. The band are energetic and work well together, having formed in 1999 in Toronto. Moneen are even lucky enough to have a crowd willing to sing along for their slower tracks.

When Moneen are not focused on making as much noise as possible, they are very good- the lead singer's voice is flexible and he is equally able to share the spotlight on louder songs as he is able to dominate the quieter tracks.

However the crowd is not as large as it could be and many of the people in attendance are passed out at the back of the Gibson/Myspace stage and are probably not even aware of the band playing at all. Moneen could become something to be reckoned with, but with their roots primarily in Emo music, their potential fan base is limited.