Chain Reaction

Having recently released their debut mini album and having a couple of well received tracks hosted on Myspace make all look rosy in the garden of Zico Chain. They get a good crowd today and waste no time letting rip with their infectious blend of punk tinged rock. Catchy choruses, great riffs and buckets of energy pervade.

'Rohypnol' comes to a grinding halt as the guitar amp packs up but it's not long before normal service is resumed and they kick straight back into one of the highlights of the set. For a three piece they make a big sound and it's not all 100mph, 'Where Would You Rather Be' is slower but no less punchy. Although there's a pretty big crowd watching the band don't seem to get them going as much as you might have expected. The front rows are fairly static and even 'Social Suicide' and '1,2,3,4', that pushes the band into overdrive fails to animate the crowd.

The Zico Chain are doing everything right but it seems they have a struggle on their hands to win over the public. They are a great band that are bursting with energy and purpose and they chuck out some blinding riffs, give them a chance you won't regret it!