Seasonal Fayre

With their debut album out last November Winterville have wasted no time making leaps and bounds in the music industry and are centered around the prodigious talent of Peter Shoulder. Shoulder has received plenty of attention and is well on the way to getting an international reputation as an outstanding guitarist.

Hard edged blues tinged riffs punctuate their set and it's not long before the first solo arrives, somewhat predictably it's pretty impressive! The vocals are a little quiet but when they do come through they compliment the music well and by the second song it's clear that Winterville have a very mature sound and on this number the chorus in particular stands out.

Accomplished musicians in their own right, the bass player (Joss Clapp) and drummer (Mario Goossens) get a tight groove going that is the perfect foil for Peter Shoulder's guitar. The whole performance is slick and the solo's in particular, whilst often short, appear effortless. For all their good points though I don't think you could say Winterville are an exciting band. Sure they are extremely good at what they do and technically you can't fault them but the songs just aren't that good, not bad by any means but neither do they blow you away. That said, the elongated ending to the last track is pretty sensational!

They go down well though and it wouldn't be a surprise if you hear more from Winterville off the back of this performance.