Still Remains - Of Love and Lunacy tour

Michigan rockers Still Remains have come over to our fine shores on the Of Love And Lunacy Tour. Kids were queuing outside early, which can only be a sign of good things to come.

The first act Demiricous burst on to the stage at 8:30 for a half an hour set. They received a warm welcome from the crowd and had them all head banging away. The guys themselves were also constantly head banging, it gave me a headache just watching them. Deciricous were musically clear and maintained a good level of energy throughout their set. Both bass and lead guitar were strong, and their drummer though good, was boring he didn't seem to be putting any effort in and looked bored half the time. There wasn't really any interaction with the crowd, and with their tracks all sounding very similar it wasn't long before the crowd started to get restless.

Next band on stage was Sinai Beach, who were introduced by Bone (Still Remains drummer) who was wearing a fetching pea in a pod costume, although being there when they bought it I'm not quite sure how he managed to squeeze into it as it was a baby costume for kids up to a year. They again received a good reaction from the crowd, and there was plenty of crowd movement throughout their set. Singer CJ Alderson spent the whole set bouncing around the stage like a frog on speed. The band were musically and vocally clear, and got a circle pit going, they were a fantastic warm up for Still Remains.

10pm saw Still Remains come out on stage, they had a really good build up and were met by deafening cheers and screams. Bone was still wearing his lovely pea costume just for good measure. Guitarist Jordan and Mike were really active and this must of rubbed off on the crowd because shortly after them coming on stage the crowd surfing began. The crowd were constantly singing and dancing, with each song being well received. There was plenty of crowd interaction and they had everyone singing along to "Recovery". They also played their cover of "Head Like A Hole" which will be featured on Kerrang!'s 25th birthday CD. The crowd in crazy during their encore and not long after they had finished their fifty minute set they were out mingling with the crowd.

Still Remains are definitely worth checking out even if you're not into metal, they put on a very entertaining show, which I think anyone could appreciate and enjoy.