Faster please

Being the first band on the main stage has its advantages, as the gates have only just opened there are plenty of people spilling in and there is already a sizeable crowd gathering in front of the main stage to see Manchester band Amplifier open proceedings.

Arriving with a wall of feedback Amplifier start proceedings with an instrumental and it's immediately clear that they have enough power to fill the main stage despite being a three piece. Vocalist / guitarist Sel Balamir seems a little restrained during the opening numbers but his vocals are clear and strong. Musically they are tight and produce big sounding hard, melodic rock with intelligent instrumental breaks that all makes for an accomplished and mature sound.

Unfortunately they don't get much of a reaction from the crowd apart from the first few rows and perhaps if there's a down side to Amplifier it's that they do seem to be a bit one paced. After four or five songs I confess I'm starting to lose interest, they really need to inject a bit of pace at times but it just doesn't happen, if anything they get slower! They are a confident band though and are clearly enjoying the experience and to be fair they do finish with a bang as they build to a crushing crescendo. They get a healthy reception as they finish and today can have done them no harm and may encourage some of the crowd to check out the new album in August.