Fresh from a Wednesday night London warm-up, Soil have returned to Download despite only managing one song at their last Download appearance in 2004 when they were caught in traffic.

With a mix of material from both 'Scars' and 'Redefine', Soil have been a band on everyone's metal radar at some level for the past five years ever since they became a household name with the hit single 'Halo'. In that time they have moved from small hundred capacity venues to the likes of Download's main stage and it is a set that everyone's talking about and that everyone's watching.

As the sun renders large portions of the crowd pink, burnt or unconscious Soil have to fight against the English sunshine apathy that appears whenever it gets too hot for us, but despite the wind's best intentions to ruin the sound or the sun's best intentions to burn the crowd to near-death everyone remains fixated as they proceed through their set.

With the main stage area filled with people, Soil throw themselves in to the set and by the time their now almost-classic 'Halo' closes their thirty minute set, they have managed to cause masses of the crowd to join in with the final chorus as it fades across the main stage.