Breed 77 Are Back

With only a thirty minute set on a Sunday morning, the turn out for Breed 77 is significantly less than in previous years when Breed have managed to pack out the second stage. This isn't an issue for the fans that have turned up, however, who happily throw themselves towards the barrier as Breed 77 walk out for their 11 o'clock start.

With a new single, 'Alive', due out on Monday and a new album due out in July a large section of their short show is taken up with songs from 'En My Sangre' (In My Blood) including 'Blind' and 'Alive' itself. Finally, Breed 77 end their set with 'La Ultima Hora' as vocalist Paul Isola jumps from the stage and runs to the crowd along every inch of security barrier.

Breed 77's performance is, as always, filled with energy, power and a fantastically eclectic mix of music. The problem is that when only a handful of people turn up to a show it will never be as intense as if it had been played to more. If Breed were to re-appear higher up the bill or, once again, on the second stage then their performance would be something astonishing with their new material. Remember the check them out on their upcoming tour.