Double Dare

Clashing with Trivium on the main stage makes for a virtual 'no show' from the crowd before Louie's set but thankfully they do get a nice little hardcore of fans at the front when they come on.

With two vocalists Louie are unique so far this weekend and it's fortunate that the vocalists are on hand to career around the stage as the rest of the band seem rooted to the spot. Musically they come across as fast paced indie rock and are certainly quite catchy. Major chord melodies prevail for the most part and they are perhaps reminiscent of the Buzzcocks in places, which is no bad thing.

The vocalists are great, they feed off each other constantly but beyond that there's not much to look at in terms of performance. Louie are not bad at all, there's really nothing to dislike about them but the whole way they come across is as a good time band that you may struggle to take seriously. Not that there's anything wrong with that but in the fickle music industry I suspect they may need to work on the image in order to achieve greater success. They get a decent reaction from the crowd and it's a shame that they didn't get a bigger turn out.