And yet it Lives!

Formed in Buffalo in 2001 and still with an average age of 20, It Dies Today have already made waves in the hardcore scene and that would explain the fairly large crowd they draw. They immediately set about engaging the crowd as they explode onto the stage with a full on hardcore barrage.

Vocalist Nicholas Brooks creates instant rapport with the audience whilst the rest of the band head bang and whirl about the stage. Second song 'Marigold' has a more recognisable melody in both the tune and Brooks vocals and the fact that he mixes hardcore growl with cleaner verses just adds to the appeal. There are moments of humour in the set as half way through the third song the bass player trips over the microphone lead and falls over, the band seem to be having such a good time that it just gets laughed off.

The sound is excellent and serves to highlight IDT's huge sound. The guitars produce an intense wall of speed riffs, all backed by some accomplished double bass drumming. The impact of the band is evident by the fact that after ten minutes the first circle pit of the day appears. It's all pretty brutal but IDT just seem to have the knack of injecting a timely chorus or melody just when it's needed that prevents them from degenerating into pure screamcore.

The penultimate song gets the whole crowd bouncing and once again is relentless in it's onslaught. IDT are like having your car stereo on full blast whilst you drive it into a cliff face. Brutally impressive.