A Promising Future

With most of the Snickers Bowl crowd paying more attention to free T-Shirts and BMX antics than to getAmped, the Southampton rockers kick off to a luke-warm reception at best but despite this the band continue to give their all to every second of their performance.

By the time that 'Shut Me Out' starts half way through their set, following a notable drum solo, most of the crowd have already been won over by the band's persistence and energy that is pouring out of their every move. The only other people near-by that are exuding anywhere near as much energy are the BMX bikers doing mid-air summersaults.

getAmped come across as primarily a punk-rock band, but there is something non-tangible that differentiates them from the thousands of other bands ouyt there trying to do the same thing. It may be ther relentless energy that they put in to their live show, it could just be that they're a well practiced and tight band or it could be what the pop world is currently calling the X-Factor.

As the heavier introduction to their finale 'Black Clouds' rings across the Snickers Bowl they may not have won over all of the crowd, but as they get the chance to play larger stages to larger crowds getAmped will easily be able to obtain the stage presence that they sometimes seem to be lacking at the moment. There is no reason that they couldn't return to bigger things at Donington in the future.