Kicking Off The Second Stage

It's a near empty tent that Khoma play to this morning on the Snickers Stage, but the people who have turned up cheer fiercely after each and every song. 'Stop Making Excuses' shows off Khoma's flair for expressive yet had hitting songs. There is a certain kind of feel about their music that signifies that this is a band destined for great things. Considering how young the band is, they have done well to secure a set on the second stage so soon after their first signed album release. Playing alongside such respected bands, it's obvious that this is a band brimming with talent.

It is not a surprise either, that Khoma have this kind of effect- for the band have between them a huge amount of experience with renowned bands. Their additional "live" band members (for there are just three people at the centre of Khoma) fit in seamlessly and the result is an emotionally charged set that is packed to the brim with feeling and fury.

If you like bass heavy music with a touch of the mysterious about it and enjoy clear vocals singing intelligent lyrics, Khoma are well worth checking out- their recent album 'The Second Wave' is out on Roadrunner Records now and will prove exactly why this band is marked for greater stages and sets.