The Kids are Alright

Street Light Youth are a five piece from Colchester that have already notched up a string of gigs including a well received performance at Camden Underworld. Today they get an early slot on the Myspace stage and it remains to be seen whether they live up to their reputation.

It all gets off to a lively start and with the distinct advantage of youth on their side the heat doesn't prevent them from exploding into the first song. Unfortunately the sound isn't great and it's virtually impossible to pick out any kind of tune, from what does filter through they sound very much in the post hardcore mould. There are no signs of nerves and they turn in an accomplished performance, the vocals are clean and really stand out, not dissimilar to Million Dead in sound although in looks the singer is more akin to a young Milo of Descendents fame!

The sound does improve as the set progresses and some of the songs do have a real edge about them although if anything the performance is too energetic and I'm just waiting for one of them to fall over as they career wildly about the stage. The crowd receive them warmly and they've done enough to warrant further investigation, add them to the 'one to watch' list. Good drummer by the way.