Early Morning Bloodlust

Manchester based I-Def-I have already made something of a name for themselves over the last couple of years and have further cemented their reputation with the release of their latest album 'Bloodlust Casualty'.

The first slot on a Sunday morning is never the easiest but there's a healthy (in number, certainly not in appearance!) couple of hundred in the Myspace / Gibson tent but let's hope none of them are after a quiet, relaxing start to the day! Despite the hour of the day I-Def-I are more than ready for this and they tear through the opening number making an immediate impression. The music is a pretty relentless hardcore metal assault over which Chris Maher alternates between soaring clean vocals and classic hardcore screaming.

The performance is intense and full on and the sound is just about good enough to hear the dynamics in the songs. Were it not for the varied vocals there is a danger that I-Def-I could come across as a pure thrash band at times, which is a shame because there is certainly more to them and although the majority at the front are extremely partisan there can be little doubt that the band have won some new friends today. Job done and just in time for a late elevenses!