Two singers for the price of one. Bargain.

The first thought that enters your head when Louie walk on stage is, do they really need two singers? Before the first track is completed the answer is clear to see as they whip around and generate enough energy to light a main road.

For a band with 6 members who all bring their own flavour to the mix, there are a lot of influences on Louie but there is an over-riding feel of punk, its energy and of the ensuing chaos that all good bands had. This is precisely where the double singers make sense as they both crash and stumble about the stage, at times seemingly getting each other's way but never missing a line or beat. The combination of how they interact and gel greatly helps in getting the crowd moving and its not long before the space at the front of stage is occupied with lunging boys and dancing girls.

Don't start thinking that its all about the musicians though, as the backline provides some thunderous moments as well. From the sniper like drums that roll through every song or the fast riffing ranging from Iron Maiden to Razorlight, there is more than enough to keep people interested and intrigued.

Debut single 'Trees' was warmly received and 'The Curves and The Bends' is always going to find a kindred home in Glasgow with its lyrics of the joys and misdemeanours of being young. With a debut album recorded but still not released, there may have been tracks that weren't known by the crowd but the catchy choruses and the lalala's burrowed away into peoples minds, no doubt waiting to resurface at another time and another place.

By the end of the set the focus on Louie centres around the music and not their unique line-up, which can only be a good sign for this young and energetic band.